The Vintage Scent Shop

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At the 'Vintage Scent' shop you can find some of the most classic and rare products in wet shaving. Some of the brands we sell have more than 100 years. We're selling some of the most classic brands of Portugal and Spain.

We're specialized in the marketing of straight razors, Semogue shaving brushes, shaving soaps, creams, aftershave balms, splashes and colognes. Please take a careful look at our catalog of products or use the Search tool. You will find something to suit your fancy.

Since we are in the European Union, we charge VAT (23%) on top of the prices shown if the customers' country also belongs to the EU. All other countries are exempt from this tax.

Please read the Shipping Terms before ordering. We'll assume that you've read and accepted these terms when ordering.

Featured Products

Semogue 2000 Shaving Brush
€16.78 Ex VAT
€20.64 Inc VAT
Semogue Owners Club "SOC" Boar Cherry Wood Brush
€23.50 Ex VAT
€28.90 Inc VAT
The Vintage Scent Shop