The Vintage Scent Shop

About Us

The Vintage Scent was born in 2008 with the purpose to supply goods for wet-shavers around the world. The goods that we have for sale are different than most of other wet-shaving shops around the web. As you can see, there are products you normally don't see available in other shops. That's the aim of the Vintage Scent - to provide rare and antique products to gentlemen who prefer something different, out of the main-stream market, specially from small brands and factories with many years of labor and experience.

Our contacts network also has been growing since, partially due to our presence in the major wet-shaving forums and social networks. Also, we've started supplying some resellers with special wholesale prices and have projected special custom made products like the Semogue genuine horn handle silvertip hair shaving brush and many others.

The Vintage Scent Shop