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444 Alum Block

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The 444 Alum Block is a mineral bar made of naturally extracted alum and potassium.

The alum has hemostatic properties and stops bleeding instantly while the potassium has antiseptic and astringent properties to tone the skin and close the pores after shaving.

Use this stone moistened with cold water and gently rubbed over the entire face to act as an antiseptic for razor burn. It can also help to stop bleeding of nicks and cuts. The Alum block also has antiseptic properties that not only cool and refresh the skin after shaving, but also act as a balm. Simply wet the block, apply to face, and then dry with towel.

After use clean the alum block thoroughly with water, dry it and store in a dry place. If you allow the block to remain moist or exposed to moisture it will dissolve.

Package containing one block weighting 120 grams. The block measures approximately 3 inches long (7.5 cms), 2 inches width (5 cms) and 1 inch height (2.5 cms)

Read the review on this product posted on one of the major wet-shaving community forums, Straight Razor Place:

"The 444 Alum Block is a big block, it is made by the Portuguese company 444 who produce shaving needs at a low price. This Alum Block is a real bargain.
The 444 Alum Block does what an Alum Block should do; stop bleeding, close pores and sting of course. I have only used a Styptic Pencil before and the Block has some clear advantages. You can use it on your whole shave face and also it, unlike the pencil, does not dissolve. This block can probably serve me well for years to come."

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