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Semogue 2000 Shaving Brush
[Boar Hair]

€16.78 Ex VAT
€20.64 Inc VAT

They say it is a big brush. Well, it is not.
It is a "luxuriously-aboundant-handful" brush.
Now, please, let me explain this...
When You take this brush into Your hands, You immediately get this "WOW" feeling. The reason for this is that You realize You just purchased a serious piece of shaving tool/equipment.
The top of the bristles is soft and the feeling on the face is very confortable, the brush is luxuriously and densely packed - make no mistake about that, the handle rests securely in Your hand and the grip is just great. And, please, do not forget - we are talking about wooden handle here...
The backbone/softness ratio of this brush is just great - the brush loaded with lather will feel very smooth on Your face, but, at the same time, it will treat You with wonderful facial massage, especially if You prefer to form lather directly on Your face.
This brush performs perfectly with shaving soaps, it makes a lot of lather in no time and it appreciates if You let it soak for a few minutes in warm water before You use it. Mine is not "fully broken" yet, but it already performs the way I described it. You can actually feel it getting better and better with every shaving.
The price - a bargain...
But, nota bene, do not let the price of this brush lead to to a tons of wrong conclusions! This brush is an undiscovered pearl - definitely, and if You treat it with respect - it will reward You with extremely rich and pleasurable shaving experience.
This is the brush You will gladly return to, over and over again.
Date Added: 11/28/2010 by Andrej Grgic
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