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Semogue 2000 Shaving Brush
[Boar Hair]

€16.78 Ex VAT
€20.64 Inc VAT

I like tall lofted brushes. When I contacted Vintage Scent, the gentleman was very helpful, and when I asked him to recommend a Semogue boar brush with a taller loft for me, he said I should try the 2000. He was right! Shipping was fast, only 7 days to USA. I couldn't be happier with my fully broken in brush. I really like the weight and feel of the hard wooden handle too. The boar bristles are very soft on the face, the brush has just the right amount of backbone, and it makes great lather. Best of all, the price is very reasonable, and represents true value in one of the world's best shaving brushes. Now that I've got such a great brush, I really do look forward to using it. The Semogue 2000 gives me what I like in a shaving brush. Gary Goff
Date Added: 10/27/2012 by Gary Goff
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