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La Toja Aftershave Splash

€10.94 Ex VAT
€13.46 Inc VAT

La Toja is my favorite aftershave. It receives the top billing in my rotation which is Saturday afternoon.
La Toja provides a crisp, clean, feeling after my shave with my favorite badger brush & double edge razor. It has just a hint of menthol in it but just the right amount to detect its coolness and leaving your mug feeling and looking refreshed. There is alcohol in it & but will provide what I like to call a soothing burn.
The scent is very barbershop and will linger just right to catch gentle whiffs as you go about your errands or just lazing around reading the paper on taht perfect casual Saturday afternoon. Best of all, it wont clash with your favorite fragrance wearing of the day because La Toja's scent is subtle. I would compare the scent of La Toja to the classic 80's fragrance "Drakkar Noir".
I love the look of the square clear glass bottle La Toja aftershave is still presented in. There is something to be said for this and I do appreciate this as the classic aftershaves are going to "shatterproof bottles" or lets just cut to the chase & say plastic. The beautiful light green opaque juice inside looks so refreshing.
La Toja is great value because it is supplied in a generous bottle size. Thankfully Leon here at Vintagescent ensures it can be obtained at an affordable price point for North Americans.
I hope he will always stock this classic afterhshave.
Date Added: 12/29/2010 by Riley Holden
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