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Semogue 2016 Foro Afeitado Limited Edition

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The Semogue 2016 Foro Afeitado Limited Edition brush has been being studied and test continuously for almost one year. This project started almost one year by Teiste from Foro Afeitado, the biggest and most complete wet-shaving forum for Spanish speakers, who chose Semogue to make a very special brush.
From the handle to the knot, everything is new in this brush, making it completely different than any other Semogue brush every made and the best ever made. With this brush, Semogue proves that its place is among the top world brands of Premium shaving brushes. Click here for some pictures of the brush that some forum members posted. Most brushes have been sold to the Spanish forum, but there are some left now for anyone who wants this masterpiece.

In the handle, the master craftsman chose a new material, a luxurious epoxy resin which is much better than the regular acrylic material the brushes have been used. The color chosen was a traditional butterscotch to give the handle a classic look, while being built with a new modern material.
The new silver sticker shows the new Semogue logo and below the word "Portugal". On front of the handle there's the serial number to show how unique this brush is, being one of just 100 made. At the base, there's the usual Semogue logo and the name of the forum.

But the best of this brush, its true soul, is the knot. The master craftsman tried some high grade badger hair samples and hand picked a small and rare batch of Finest 2 Band Badger hair. The tests he pursued during many months confirmed his instinct was right - this is a superlative kind of Finest 2 Band Badger hair with softness at the tips and backbone to provide the most luxurious shaving experience any exquisite gentleman can aim.
The knot has a 25mm diameter densely stuffed with this premium hair standing at 50mm in height.

Be sure to be one of the lucky gentlemen who can own this truly unique shaving brush that will provide extraordinary shaves.

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  • Model: Selected Silvertip Badger Hair
  • Manufactured by: Semogue

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