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Semogue Owners Club "SOC" 2 Band Taj Resin Brush

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€78.90 Inc VAT

This brush is the first Semogue that is stuffed with the very exclusive 2 band Finest badger hair. This rare hair comes from the North of China from the badger species "Meles Meles" also known as European Badger or Eurasian Badger. It provides great backbone and very soft white tips which makes this brush great for either soaps or creams.

After the great success of the 2010 Limited Edition brush, this Semogue 2 band sets another milestone that Semogue achieves in the exquisite badger brush market.

This fine brush is totally made by hand from start to finish. The handle is hand turned by a skilled woodsman and later is hand sanded one by one. Then, the knot is made by the master craftsman using the traditional methods passed by past generations to provide the most wonderful brush.

The knot has a 24 mm diameter and 53 mm height. The handle is 60 mm tall and has 37 mm in its widest point. The beautiful wooden handle is made of resin.

Read the review on this product posted on one of the major wet-shaving blogs, Shaving 101:

"The knot density and quality of the tips of the two-band badger hair combined with the build quality of the handle make the brush a real pleasure to use. I used this brush on several occasions with a variety of my favorite soaps and creams, and it did a great job producing a rich and thick lather with all of them. The brush holds the perfect amount of water and does a great job of keeping the lather warm and hydrated throughout the entire shave. The Owners Club is a medium-sized brush with a knot diameter of 24mm so it a comfortable size to use without getting messy like some larger brushes or having to re-lather mid shave like some smaller ones. The brush holds just the right capacity of lather making it a great choice for both soap and cream users. The compact and dense characteristics of the brush make it a great choice for those who like to lather in a mug or scuttle as well." - Mike Sandoval

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Read the review on this product posted on one of the major wet-shaving community forums, The Shave Nook:

"The wood use to make the handle is cherry once again (like in the boar brush 2009 limited edition).This type of wood its quiet heavy and has a really nice and elegant pattern. Also has a natural shining which its enhanced with the new type of varnish use by the artisan wood maker. This handle its a little bit heavier and thicker than the ones use in the 1305/1800/1250 models.Its also really ergonomic. This brush doesn't have a huge blooming either, which it makes it perfect for face lathering,but also performs really well with bowl lathering too.Works brilliant with hard soaps and creams equally."

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  • Model: Two Band Finest Badger Hair
  • Manufactured by: Semogue

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