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Semogue Owners Club "SOC" 2 Band Cherry Wood Brush
[Two Band Finest Badger Hair]

€56.02 Ex VAT
€68.90 Inc VAT

Absolutely delightful
I received this today as a Christmas present from my wife, adding to my steadily growing Semogue collection, I own two other 2 band brushes, one being the smaller New Firest 2201, and the other a Thäter 24mm prototype, the Semogue is considerably less costly than the Thäter, and early impressions indicate that it is at least as good a performer
I have tried it this morning with Mitchell's wool fat, and a few creams, both in my bowl and on my palm, and it makes fantastic lather
The 24mm knot is a perfect size for me, giving enough lather for a 3 pass shave, the tips are almost as soft as my LE 2010 Silver tip, whilst it has the back bone of my Owners club Boar,which as a face latherer suits me very well, it is densely packed, yet releases its lather with ease.
The Cherry wood handle fits my hand extremely well, and is heavy enough to feel reassuringly solid, the finish of course is superb.
I can honestly see it becoming my go to choice, and I plan to use it everyday for the week (a rare thing for me) and have no doubt it will continue to improve.
If you are looking for a high end brush, at a wife friendly price, you couldn't do any better.

Many thanks and best regards
Date Added: 12/25/2012 by Ralfy Horsepool
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