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Semogue Special Edition 2015 White

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This brush is densely stuffed with the very best Finest 2 Band Badger hair, a soft tipped hair with good backbone to provide the ultimate shaving experience using either soaps or creams. The manufacturing of the knot was successfully achieved after intense testing to make sure it provides the optimum balance between backbone and luxurious softness. The knot is 24mm in diameter and 52mm tall.

This brush has the same knot as the famous 2013 "Horn Handle Edition", the only difference is the new handle made of a special resistant epoxy resin, very well polished to a mirror finish in a shape similar to the Semogue 2000 model. This model handle is 55mm tall.

This brush feels really luxurious in the face. It lathers easily any hard soap or cream.

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  • Model: Finest Badger Hair
  • Manufactured by: Semogue

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 31 October, 2015.

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