2019 Barbear Classico Limited Edition


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The Semogue 2019 Barbear Classico Limited Edition brush is a limited batch produced to the gentlemen at the Portuguese wet-shaving forum “Barbear Classico” and now it’s available to everywhere.
The brushe has a new, never used before, 26mm knot of mixed badger and boar hair. Semogue has developed specially for this brush a new 26mm diameter ring to carry this wonderful knot, the same one that the famous Caravela did back in 2011 and gathered worlwide aclaim.
The handle is also exclusive. Made of cherrywood, this handle has a barrel shape, resembling the old Semogue 1993 model, but larger and taller. Please notice that this is a large handle, but a very ergonomical one. Also, to keep a close link with the past, it carries the old Excelsior sticker, instead of the new Semogue logo.
Don’t miss this one, they will sell out fast!

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