2021 Spanish Shavers Boar Limited Edition


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The Semogue 2021 Spanish Shavers Edition brush is a limited batch produced to the gentlemen at the Facebook wet-shaving forum “Spanish Shavers”.
10 years have passed since the huge success of the 2011 Semogue Limited Edition brush, so Semogue was challenged to redo that same handle, but in a beautiful ivory material. The new Semogue logo is etched into the middle of the handle and the model near the base. The base is, as always, etched with the name of the limited edition and number of 50 pieces.
Due to its hair density, this brush would eat your shaving soaps. However, the lather won’t disappear inside of the knot. The tips are very soft and has plenty of backbone.
Performs well with both and this is not a “cream brush” or a “soap brush”. This is truly an all around brush for face or bowl lathering, with creams , croaps or soaps.


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